Where NOT to buy a dog

buy a dog

Pet Shops

I would be very mindful about buy a dog from a pet shop. Not all pet shops know the origins of the puppies that they receive. Some pet shops actually have the documentation and are the breeders of those particular puppies, some actually purchase or get given them from a puppy. I always suggest making sure you get to see both parents and any documentation, especially if the breeder claims they are a pedigree breed pets at home. Good breeders will rarely sell their puppies via a pet shops near me.

Classified ads

I feel there is no problem going via a classified advert; however, I suggest you make sure you do your research into the breed you are getting before going down this route. You may be able to get the puppy of your choice at a lower price. Just be very wary about the puppy’s parents dogs for sale. I would suggest going for a walk with both parents and bring along any children you will have around the puppy to gauge the parent’s temperament.

If you come across an advert for a single puppy be very aware this could be a scam to get attached to a puppy you want, then end up selling you something different. Again if it is the last puppy to sell, make sure you see both parents look at the housing conditions of the puppy and any appropriate paperwork. Don’t get me wrong some people get a puppy and within a month or so realize they have made a mistake and want to recoup the money they have spent. Just don’t make the same mistake they have made so do your research.

Puppy Farms

Puppy farms are places where puppies are purely bred for profit, and no care has been put into the conditions they have been brought up in. What tends to happen is that they are brought up in cramp conditions which often harbor diseases. Very often the puppies are taken away from their parents at a very young age, and then when they go to a new home they often suffer from some sort of illness which could either lead into a costly vet bill or extreme cases death. Puppies that come from this type of environment are very unpredictable. Be very careful as many of these puppy factories mascaraed themselves on classified adverts. You don’t get to see the parents, and you get given an elaborate story about the history of the puppy. Don’t be fooled by this and I can’t stress this enough make sure you see both parents and documentation.

Puppy Dealers

Puppy dealers usually work alongside puppy farms and get a commission for selling and buy a dog or  puppies on. They will regularly put out adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Gum-tree. Pretending to be the owner of these puppies for sale. You usually can catch these people out as they will use the same number or location to sell these puppies and are selling more than one breed of puppy. I suggest always asking to see the mother of the puppy; this will often catch them out. Except no excuses, if you cannot see the mother walk away immediately. Also, don’t put down a deposit without seeing the puppy; this is usually a scam and a way to collect as much money as possible before vanishing into thin air. Never buy a dog away from their home, e.g. local car park, non-public place or the back of someone’s car.

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