Signs your dog is bored

Have you ever wondered why your dog is demonstrating certain behaviours, and have you asked yourself why are they doing that? There is a strong possibility they are bored. Dogs can only entertain themselves to a certain point. Remember they are dogs and not human, they don’t have bars to go to, friends they can call up or a games console they can play. So knowing this I hope you will notice these subtle and not subtle signs that they are bored.


Damaging household items

You walk in shoes are chewed up, they have gotten into your bin and ripped up your letters. This sort of destructive behaviour can be a combination of boredom and not enough exercise. If you don’t give your dog mental and physical stimulation, they tend to start chewing and doing things that will annoy you. To stop this, I would suggest increasing your dog’s activity. Please have a look at my dog walking blog (link) about how you can vary your dogs walks. Secondly, I would think about purchasing a mentally stimulating toy, so food puzzles or my personal favourite a Kong toy: Kong Gyro dog toy large, Kong Goodie Bone Dog toy, Kong Extreme Chew treats dog toy, Kong wobbler. In another blog, I have given my personal opinions on these items and other alternatives. A right combination of items should help your dog and keep them satisfied.


You keep falling over your dog.

You’re in the toilet, and your dog is there. You go to brush your teeth, and they are standing right there. You are your dog’s world. You make all the decisions for them. So when you make a move to do something, they want to know what is happening. But let me put this out there not all dog’s follow you around because they are bored, some dogs just want to be in your company. It is vital to distinguish if the energy of your dog being around you is calm or very energetic. If it’s the latter, then your pet is probably bored. To give them something to do, you may need to invest in an interactive toy like a ball thrower, frisbee or flirt pole.


Is your dog barking and whining? If so, then this is another possible sign of boredom. They may walk up to you and start complaining, try to encourage playing and when they don’t get their own way, they will bark at you to get your attention. Some dogs may not do either and will merely walk up to you and sit on your lap or lay on your feet. Your dog is trying to seek your attention, and this is often a sign that your dog is bored.


All for your dog

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